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2 Internshala Internship in India

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Hiredd is your own personal internshala internship, or a paathshala for interns, that allows students across the nation to search and apply for internships from any preferred industry of your choice.


Hiredd - The Hub for Internships

Hiredd serves as a fantastic platform for students to find their perfect internship in some of the leading companies in India. As a platform, Hiredd offers internshala work from home (internship+paathshala) opportunities to its interns, besides offering in-office internships to its users. 

Hiredd's services for interns include:

  • Find internships in a click
  • Choose the preferred location
  • Build internshala resume and upload to apply in one-click


Is Internshala free?

Yes, it is free. Consider internshala as your pathshala for getting the internship of your dreams. A user can easily head over to Hiredd, the leading platform for finding internships online, within a few clicks. The platform offers multiple features to students, allowing them to search for internships from different cities, types, duration, etc.


Here's how Hiredd, a student's internshala, assists its users:

  • Find internships with quick links
  • Read company reviews before interning
  • Filter internship according to preferences


What is Internshala training?

Internshala training is considered as the training you gain from specified sources of your choice, be it in college or online training courses, in order to successfully be able to gain access to an internship of your choice. Top companies go through a rigorous selection process, which is where internshala internships might help you.


Here's why you should go for training at your Internshala - Hiredd:

  • Prepares you
  • Develop skills
  • Get trained


How do I join an internship?

We tend to cross-question our worth on several occasions. The purpose of joining an internship is to gain an advantage at the beginning of your career. They assist in providing you with a peek into the world of professionals, preparing you for what comes next in your career. Hiredd is an internshala or pathshala for interns that help you find excellent career opportunities.


Here's how you can join an internship:

  • Find internships online
  • Apply 
  • Get interviewed


What is the use of Internshala?

The primary purpose of internshala for you, Hiredd, is to serve as a platform for finding internships from your field and in your preferred location. It helps you in upscaling your career game at a young age, giving you an advantage during placements. Gain access to the best internship opportunities at Hiredd now!


Here's how the internshala for students, Hiredd helps you:

  • Top companies to choose from
  • Filter out results
  • Review companies


Is Internshala safe?

Hiredd, an internshala for students, is an entirely safe platform that can be used by students and young graduates from across the nation to find the top internship opportunities for them to uplift their career. Look for your dream internship and apply easily in a few clicks.


Hiredd, the leading internship search platform, assists students by:

  • Listing internships from top companies
  • Accessible across the nation
  • Multiple industries


Is Internshala good for internships?

Hiredd serves as the best platform for finding excellent internship opportunities for its users. The internshala for students ensures that quality internships are listed on its platform, allowing students to make use of their full potential during the internship period.


Is Internshala useful?

Internshala is a pathshala for interns that helps students and young graduates in finding the route to their dream jobs through the Hiredd platform. As a pathshala, Internshala serves primarily as a training period for learning the functioning and roles & responsibilities of an intern in a firm.


How can I post internship in Internshala?

Posting internships at the internshala or pathshala for interns, Hiredd, is an easy process. Just click on post job/internship on the top of the page and proceed accordingly.


What is the use of Internshala?

Internshala, the pathshala for interns, that is, Hiredd, is an ultimate platform that serves as a bridge for recruiters and job-seekers, helping them fulfill their purpose at the jobs and internship search portal. 


Here's why you must go for internships:

  • Builds networks
  • Build professional skills
  • Prepares you for job


Types of Intershala

There are several Internshala listed at Hiredd from which one can choose and get himself/herself selected as an intern. As per your qualification, there are lots of internships waiting for you at Hiredd. And even regardless of which background you are from, you can always apply for an internship, if there are some skills or talent is hidden, and one wants to explore.


Who can get enrolled in Internship?

From being a student to being a freelancer, everyone can apply and join in an internship, or if you are even doing a job, you can apply for part-time internships by selecting from the listing of the internships at Hiredd.


Why choose an internship at Hiredd?

  • Genuine Listings available
  • Listings verified by Hiredd
  • Frequents Updates

TimesNext - Mohali 5 days ago

The intern's responsibilities include digital marketing, social media marketing, offline marketing, telephonic marketing, email marketing and handling a team of more than 15 marketing interns that ...

TimesNext - Hyderabad 5 days ago

The intern's responsibilities include digital marketing, social media marketing, offline marketing, telephonic marketing, email marketing and handling a team of more than 15 marketing interns that ...