Work is Worship – Understanding in detail

Let's understand the concept of work is worship. We will uncover how life does not have a meaning without work attached to it.


  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding, the Real Meaning of Work is Worship
  3. Our Life Scenario without Any Work
  4. Comparing the Work with Worship
  5. The Real Meaning of Work  
  6. Work is Worship for Peaceful Mind and Soul
  7. Work is Necessary for Survival
  8. Working makes us More Capable
  9. Conclusion



‘Work is Worship’ is a proverb that reflects the significance and worth of work in our life. It is said that honest work is worship. The reason is it is our honest work only that persuades our wishes and helps us reach to the heights of triumph.


Understanding the Real Meaning of Work is Worship

work is worship

When we know the real meaning behind the proverb’ Work is Worship’, we realize that our work is the actual worship as our lives are meaningless without any work. If we follow this understanding throughout our lives, it acts as the answer to accomplishment, development, and contentment. If we realize its implication in a real sense, it will positively change the scenario of the world economy. Further, it will also help us to face the rough challenges strongly in our life.  


Our Life Scenario without Any Work

work is worship

When we don’t do any work and sits our whole life idly, we depend on other people like parasites. Our growth and physical will get rust if we spend it without any work, endeavor, or reason. We need to work hard to get greatness in life. You can also consider it in this way; only those who take significance in their work do worship heartily. 


Comparing the Work with Worship

You may think that this proverb is comparing our work with our worship. That is not the case, though; it is telling concerning the indemnity that work is worship. You don’t necessarily have to worship for hours at home or temple to connect with the divinity. If you intermingle with full interest in your work, it is enough to get success as well the divine’s blessings. It means that the work you get done in your office or factory is more vital than the worship done in a temple, church, or mosque.


The Real Meaning of Work

The definition of work includes the physical or mental efforts you put in your work to maintain your well-being and lifestyle throughout your entire life. We work to get money to convey our physical, mental, psychological, and social happiness. It ultimately balances our state of body, mind, and soul. The satisfaction our soul gets through the work that keeps our body and minds happy is more satisfactory than the worship.


Work is Worship for Peaceful Mind and Soul

work is worship

When we take our job as worship and involved with it completely, it gives us the real pleasure of life. Hence, we must worship our work. People with a massive passion for their work in their respective fields always achieve prominence. You can see various examples in our history for all the great people. It is not still necessary to do different things, but what necessary is that doing different things with a high level of passion and commitment towards your work. You can consider work as a true essence of life to bring grand ideas in mind, which makes people great personalities. 


Work is Necessary for Survival

work is worship

Let’s think about it, work is worship because we can’t survive on this planet without work. Our practices furnish new faces and put meaning in our lives. A life without work is dreary, redundant, and repetitive. However, with the committed work, we can achieve great civilizations and cultures. Work is worship because humans are capable of creating anything through hard work. Man is the most intelligent and capable brain through which he can decide the right job to reach a logical conclusion. 

An unhappy person is an individual who is not involved in his work interestingly. With manpower that is fully and suitably employed in his field of interest, the nation becomes powerful. One cannot achieve the worth of living without the work, hence the proverb’ work is worship’. The thing that leads us towards success is the peace and satisfaction we get by working with full interest and commitment in our field.  


Working makes us more capable

When we do our work continuously, we become more capable day by day, and hence we become more confident about our work. When we think about work is worship, we realize that our work should be for improvement and stability within ourselves and not for any awards or glory. We, as humans, could not achieve anything without hard work. 

Our whole civilization went through evolutions only because of our hard work. Think about all the inventions and discoveries we have achieved in the science field. Was it all possible without continuous hard work and patience? No. When we work continuously in the right direction, we lead our way towards a successful career in the right field. 



The thing we should all follow in our life is work is not like worship, but work is worship. We cannot get anything to each and other necessities with working to live our life. This is why people who work more systematically get better achievements than idle people. Our lives are full of struggles, and it is necessary to be attentive with hard work to win this battle of life. Be committed to words your work to run your life more smoothly and fluently. Lazy individuals are less likely to achieve anything in their life; however, those who actively complete their work, accomplish the list of glory.

Rucha Joshi
Rucha Joshi
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